ZaZaZoo is a Quebec company founded in 2015 by Mélanie Lafrenière, a Gatineau businesswoman who was looking for an activity to do with her nephew. Surprised on the limited options available she decided to develop an offering to fulfill this need and ZaZaZoo is born.

ZaZaZoo offers the rental of plush motorized stuffed animals in shopping centers and for special events. Children’s enjoyment is at the heart of ZaZaZoo’s identity and visits to the family shopping center are revolutionized. It’s on the backs of lions, pandas, elephants that families are now experiencing a unique entertainment experience. Parents and children enjoy a moment of pure happiness together in an accessible, fun and safe environment.

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Melanie and James

With its hybrid business model of corporate locations and licensees, ZaZaZoo is growing dramatically. This rapid expansion is supported by ZaZaZoo’s standardization of internal procedures and products. In fact, ZaZaZoo has created a comprehensive and easy-to-use toolbox for its licensees.

We believe in ideas where everyone can succeed. ZaZaZoo is a Win for the customer, the mall and ZaZaZoo!


ZaZaZoo Caprice

ZaZaZoo’s mission is to provide a family entertainment experience, unique and safe in shopping centers where children and parents will have fun with motorized stu ed toys.
We believe that joy is one of the most unifying feelings of all. Creating quality family time in a world where everything goes too fast, and seeing the smile on the faces of children is a source of pure happiness for our customers and for the ZaZaZoo team.


We aim to be the most popular source of family entertainment internationally, where the quality of the moments encourages families, regardless of their income and origin, to integrate this activity into their weekly routine. Located in shopping centers near family residences and public transportation, ZaZaZoo is accessible to the entire community.

ZaZaZoo Safety


Ensure parents’ peace of mind by committing to providing the safest entertainment for their children

ZAZAZOO Customer Satisfaction


Put the customer at the heart of our priorities, always listening to their needs. To provide
a warm welcome to our clients, a positive experience and an optimal service from every point of view



Fostering job and value creation in any community we join.



Our success has been based on developing our company while always keeping in mind the happiness of our employees and our customers, young and old!

Fabricated In Canada

Fabricated in Canada

With the support of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Government of Quebec ZaZaZoo Plush Animal Rides are proud to say all our new rides are fabricated in Canada which make them the safest and most durable plush animal rides on the market today.

Government of Quebec
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Proud to be working with

Oxford Properties
Ivanhoe Cambridge
Cushman & Wakefield
Smart Centres by Smartreit
Crofton Moore


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